How to Avoid a ‘Fake News’ Story and Stay True to Reality

A good way to avoid a fake news story and stay true to reality is to not let the stories, opinions, or opinions of others dictate your view of a story.

The first step to being able to make informed decisions in this age of misinformation is to identify the sources of news and then to look for and identify sources that can help you decide what to believe and what not to believe.

I have created a simple guide that I have used to help you make informed choices in this new era of fake news.

Here is what you need to know: A good source of fake News: This is the source that will be used to push you to believe anything.

This is what we have all been taught.

When you look at a story that is about the President of the United States and then see the words “President Donald J. Trump”, you will quickly start to believe everything that the story says.

However, when you look into the story that was used to get you to vote for Donald Trump and you see the word “fake news”, you need a new source of information.

The story that you will see is the same story that has been spread by every single news outlet and the Internet for the past four years.

The only difference is that this time around, the word is now spelled out in the article with a capital “S”.

The story is written and presented by a news outlet that has a vested interest in being able and maintaining a monopoly on information.

They are using it to promote their agenda.

The same story was used in an effort to keep Donald Trump from becoming President of our country.

The exact same story.

A bad source of Fake News: The second source of bad news that you need is the one that is used to try to influence you.

A good example of this is a story about Donald Trump that is being pushed by CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, and the Washington Post.

This article has been used to spread false news, false rumors, lies, and conspiracy theories in the past.

The reason for the false rumors is simple.

The article is about a group of conspiracy theorists who want to overthrow President Donald Trump.

These conspiracy theorists believe that the President is somehow involved in the plot to overthrow America.

This conspiracy theory has been repeatedly used in fake news stories to push conspiracy theories about the Donald Trump administration, the President, and even the president himself.

In fact, it is the most frequently used conspiracy theory among conspiracy theorists.

The conspiracy theorists are attempting to discredit President Donald J., but the president is not being targeted because he is the only person who is actually involved in this conspiracy.

The fake news source that is not the source of the conspiracy is the president.

The President is being targeted for his policies and actions, not the conspiracy theorists being trying to discredit him.

This means that this fake news article is being promoted by CNN and ABC, but the President has nothing to do with the conspiracy.

You can tell a story as to why this article is fake because it is written by an outlet that is willing to do anything to keep the story going.

A big lie is not fake news, it’s the source.

If you have ever heard a story told by an organization that is trying to push a false story, or an organization pushing a false agenda, it will sound like an official government official telling you a false truth.

It will sound true to the point of being impossible.

A “Fake News” story is a hoax that is purposely created to create a false narrative that the news media and the public have been led to believe about something.

The most common source of misinformation in the fake news world is the mainstream media, which is an organization of news outlets that have a vested political interest in continuing to push the same stories that are being promoted in their articles.

The mainstream media is owned and controlled by the same people who own and control the mainstream news outlets.

The media is not a neutral source of news, but rather a source of propaganda and disinformation.

The MSM is the mouthpiece of the ruling elite and they use the mainstream outlets to push their agenda, while the mainstream reporters are simply trying to do their job and report what they believe to be true.

The more you know about the media, the more you can trust their reporting.

The Fake News Media: The mainstream news media is a very dangerous organization that has used a massive amount of fake information to control our country for the last four years and is now trying to use the same techniques to continue to control America.

It is time to ask questions.

What is a Fake News Story?

A Fake News story is not true.

This story is being spread by an anonymous source.

The name of the source is not revealed, but they are trying to claim that it is real.

If this source were to tell you that they had been the target of a criminal investigation, they would use the term “false flag

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