Will Jones’s stories reveal new details of missing toddler

Will Jones has written an amazing and heartbreaking story about missing little Will in his own words.

Will has been missing since February 21.

Will says he didn’t want to leave the family alone, and he says he never wanted to go out of the house alone.

Will was last seen at the family home in Karratha, north of Perth.

Will is 4 years old and weighs about 15 kilograms.

Will has been in the family for three years, with his older brother Michael and their mother, Sarah.

He was also at school and played with the other kids, Will says.

“When we were on the road to Perth we had to drive to Karrathia and I had to take my older brother and his parents to Koori for school, so we just had to get there at the end of school to catch a bus to Perth,” he said.

When he wasn’t at school, he would spend hours at the house and would spend most of his time at home alone with his parents.

Will and his siblings were taken from their home when the fire was reported and he was taken to the Royal Children’s Hospital.

His mother Sarah says she was worried Will would not survive.

Sarah says the fire did not go unnoticed.

She says she has been working for more than a year on the project.

The project was the focus of a national search last year, which led to the identification of a small child who was missing for a month.

During the search, Will was found and reunited with his family in Kooria.

In a statement to the ABC, Ms Karrathy says the project was very difficult, and she is grateful for all the people who have helped to bring Will home.

This story will be shared with the media to inform their readers of the case.


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