How to create your own Star Wars: The Force Awakens story

The first of three Star Wars stories told in the new anthology will be revealed in 2019.

The second story will be told next year and the third will be in 2022.

The anthology will feature original fiction and short stories, some of which will have never been published before.

It is due to be published by HarperCollins on August 20, 2019.

The first of the three stories is a story from artist Will Sasso that will be published in the anthology.

The other two stories are from Will Sosa and Willa Paskin, both of whom have worked on the films.

The story of the young girl will be from author Willa Parke, who has been published previously in The Star Wars Storybook.

The tale of the stormtrooper from Willa Penke will be written by writer Tom Holland, and the story of a Jedi who has the power to turn other beings into Stormtroopers will be by author Scott Hampton.

The third story is by a writer not mentioned in the collection.

It will be a story that is “completely unknown to the Star Wars canon”, and will not be included in the story.

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