When the world will tell me my story

A new study shows that we are all too often told that we can only tell our own story by our peers, but that’s not the whole story.

A study published Monday in the journal PLOS ONE by a team of researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, found that we have the ability to connect with others through stories.

The findings suggest that we’re all wired differently, and that we might need to rethink how we approach telling stories.

“The fact that we all have different cognitive mechanisms for interpreting stories is probably a good thing,” said lead researcher Yochi Kim, an assistant professor of communication and the study’s lead author.

“I think this research could be an important contribution to understanding the different ways in which different people are able to tell their stories.”

For Kim, the study was a chance to find out how we actually tell stories.

She and her co-authors surveyed more than 200 undergraduate students about their interactions with others.

The researchers asked students how much they enjoyed reading and how much their peers enjoyed reading.

When the students were asked how much of their experience with their peers was based on reading, more than half said it was 100 percent.

In contrast, just one-third of students said they were 100 percent or more engaged in reading their peers stories.

As Kim put it, “Our research has shown that when we have a positive relationship with others, we are more likely to get through our own stories.”

It’s clear that the way we relate to others and how we view our own experience with others impacts how we tell our stories, Kim said.

For example, when we’re in a room with someone, we often see ourselves as the center of attention.

When we’re not, we’re less likely to see others as the focal point.

In the study, the students had to rate the intensity of their relationship with their peer group.

They were also asked how engaged they were in their stories and how often they shared their stories with others in the group.

The results showed that the students who were more engaged with their stories were more likely in their own stories to share their own experiences with their own group.

When Kim and her team surveyed the students for the first time, they also found that their own story was also much more meaningful than the stories of their peers.

“When we were first asked to rate their story, our story was about the importance of sharing with others,” Kim said, “and this has changed over time.”

Kim said the results of the study suggest that the process of storytelling can change as we become more connected with others and more connected to stories.

She added that the next step is to figure out what the differences are between how people relate to their own and their peers’ stories.

“It’s hard to know what’s going on in terms of what the story-telling process is in general,” Kim added.

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