What Dean Baquet-NYT will do next after his system of pitching stories for the print page

By John Burchfield Dean Baquette-NYS is retiring the system of pitching stories for The Times, The Daily News and The Post, a move that will save millions of dollars in paper expenses and ensure that the Times and the Post will continue to be the largest news sources in the world.

The move is part of a broader restructuring that began last month, and includes closing a number of editorial departments.

It also includes the creation of a new leadership team and will continue until at least July of 2021, according to the paper’s board of directors.

The newsroom has struggled to compete with print in the past, and The Times has long struggled to stay ahead of the print world, with the paper losing nearly 10 percent of its readership since the beginning of the year.

The paper also lost a third of its top 10 editors last year, with all of them leaving.

Baquet-Nyt will step down as president and publisher in July 2021, the paper announced Wednesday.

The move comes as the paper prepares to release a new year-end edition in 2021.

Baquette, who has led the Times since 1997, took over the paper in December of 2014 after the resignation of James Brooks, who had served as president since 1995.

In March of this year, Baquettes departure was confirmed by the paper board, with Baquettes resignation announced Wednesday, and he will take over as president of the Times in July 2020.

Baqette will become the third Times president since 2002, joining former president Margaret Sullivan and current president Jill Abramson.

He has served as a managing editor since 2001.

Baquerette is the fourth Times president to step down, joining Barbara Stauffer in 1999, and Bill Keller in 2007.

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