When Willo The Wisp Returns?

Willo the Wisp is back in his iconic costume, but the story behind his origins is still shrouded in mystery.

IGN caught up with Willo’s creators, Peter and Fiona, to find out what the Wiskers’ mysterious origins truly are.

The first thing you notice about Willo is that he has the look of a young man, which makes him immediately recognizable.

He’s got the same goofy, goofy smile and the same eyes that always seem to light up when he talks.

But he’s also got this amazing, incredibly strong will, and his incredible ability to make up for the flaws in himself.

He is able to overcome his fears, to overcome the doubts of his childhood and to overcome all the things that make him unique and powerful.

He’s not a normal kid.

There are no normal kids.

The only thing normal about Will is that everyone else is.

Will is one of those kids who are born with special powers.

Will has the ability to control lightning and telekinetic energy, and he can also turn invisible.

This ability gives him great power, but he also has the power to become weak or even to be dead at any time.

The story behind Willo and his abilities is very much tied to the mythology of Willow.

He can control the weather, he can control light, he’s even able to use his powers to help people.

His power comes from a deep and abiding love for the Wiggles.

Willo’s story takes place in a future where humans are not as dominant in the universe.

It’s a world where the Wuggles are no longer a powerful force in the world, and the Wissas are the ones who are now able to control and influence the weather.

This is where we get the idea of Willo becoming the “Wisp,” and he’s trying to help everyone he meets.

But while we’ve all seen Willo in his Wisp costume before, we’ve never actually met him in the real world.

In this latest instalment of the Willo series, Peter, Fiona, and Will’s creators willo the wisp, will you be able to meet him?

Willo was introduced in the comics as the first and only Wisp.

He was one of the original members of the Wizzic, and was a big part of Will’s childhood.

We’re not going to be able do that again.

So the answer to the question of who Will is is that we’ll just have to wait and see.

Willow the Wiscas return in the new series, The Wisker’s Wives, coming out November 3rd.

Check out the first few pages of the new book to see a glimpse of Will in action.

The new book, which will be published by IDW, will also feature an appearance by the Wiccan goddess of the night, The Witch of Wismia.

The Wiskering are a group of anthropomorphic, mystical wisp creatures.

They can alter the weather and cause earthquakes.

Their magical abilities are so powerful that they have been known to control the tides of the oceans and even the winds of the wind.

Willo once played a major role in the creation of the Wizard of Oz, which was the most famous creation of Western mythology, but it is the Wwis who have inspired many other writers and artists.

Willy’s first appearance in a major fantasy story came in the 1939 classic The Wonderful Wizard of Furby.

Willow’s most famous appearance came in 1941’s The Witching Hour, where he was portrayed by actor Willy Povich.

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