‘The Irish Times’ story will feature on the ‘Purcellville’ website

Will the ‘The Dublin Times’ and ‘The Belfast Telegraph’ story be featured on the Purcellville website?

We have been asked if we will have a ‘Purcellsville’ story in the newspaper.

We are awaiting the response.

We will not be posting any details on the site at this time.

The Purcellvillains are not the only ones to be targeted.

The Dublin Herald also has a story on the purcellville.com website.

A spokesman said:We are aware of the reports of a story being published in The Irish, the Dublin Times and The Belfast Telegraph about a story about a ‘purcellvillain’ who has allegedly been filmed committing sexual offences against a teenage girl.

This story has been published in a number of outlets including The Irish and The Daily Telegraph.

We have contacted the organisers of the story and will update the story if they respond.

The Dublin Herald contacted the site’s organisers on Monday morning and received no response.

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