Which of these three Will You Be Reading?

The winner will be announced on Sunday and can be bought for £5 on Amazon or through a third-party service.

The winner can also be bought through the Bookshop.

To be eligible, books must be between £5.99 and £12.99, have no longer than six chapters and be “in good-quality”.

The winners will be selected by a panel of readers from across the UK, who will vote on each book individually.

The winners are chosen by the members of the Royal Society of Arts and the Guardian Writers’ Awards, who select the best of the best, with the winner announced on Monday.

It comes as part of a year-long campaign to help readers learn more about their local reading community.

A number of events will also be held in the UK to support the Reading Community Centre in Liverpool.

This year, the centre will be donating a £25,000-a-year grant to the charity Read More , and the National Literacy Trust will also make a contribution.

This is the second time the centre has made a contribution to the initiative.

The first time was in 2015, when the centre made a donation of £1.8 million.

Read More was founded in 2008 and has provided free literacy and numeracy courses to schools, universities and local libraries across the country.

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