‘It Was Just a Ride’ for the ‘Ivy League’ Students: Here’s What They Said about Being at ‘The Ivy League’

“I feel like I was in the first class of the Ivy League.”

Those words, from a young student in his first year at the prestigious New York City university, were uttered by 19-year-old Patrick O’Connell on his way to the library to study at Columbia University.

O’Connell, who is from the Bronx, said he is currently enrolled at Columbia but would like to be admitted to Yale.

The Ivy league is the most prestigious of the 16 elite universities in the United States.

It is also one of the largest, with nearly 8,000 students enrolled.

Students have to be accepted to one of those universities, and then take an admissions test.

They must pass that test to be considered for admission.

Students in New York State at the end of October.

The first Ivy League class of 2017.

“It’s a little confusing, because I’m still not really sure what to expect,” O’Donnell said, explaining that he would be at Columbia and he doesn’t know how many classes he would need.

O ‘connell, from the borough of Queens, New York, has decided to attend Columbia because it is considered one of America’s most prestigious universities.

He said he’s excited about the school’s academic offerings and that the students at Columbia seem to be “very smart and extremely interested in what they’re doing.”

O’Connell, who has a B.S. in journalism from Queens College and a M.

S in political science from Columbia, said that when he arrived at Columbia he “didn’t really know much about it.

I didn’t really understand it.”

He said Columbia has a great diversity of programs, including in international studies, which is an area of interest for him.

Columbia has also offered classes in international relations, sociology and economics.

O’Connor said he would like a job after graduation, and he said he has some plans for the future.

But he said that he feels like he’s “just a ride.”

“The school seems like it’s more of a ‘get-out-of-jail-free card’ thing,” O ‘Connell said.

“But you’re still in school for a year, so I think it’s still a really good place for you.”

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