What to expect from Brian Willard’s NYT piece about his battle with cancer

Posted September 29, 2019 12:57:14A recent article in the New York Times titled “The Truth About Brian Willards” is going to be a story about Brian Willarts personal life and the cancer fight that has affected him since the day he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer two years ago.

Brian Willards has written a number of books including his most recent, The Truth About Cancer, which he co-authored with former MLB pitcher Scott Boras.

Willard is also the author of the memoir, My Struggle: How I Came to Live with a Cancer.

In his article, Willard explains how he came to lose his battle to cancer, his journey to fight through it and his future plans.

The article was written by Brian Willows son, Andrew Willard, and features a photo of the Willard family in their Los Angeles home.

Willard is not the only baseball player to share the story of his battle.

Many former players have written their own accounts of their battles with the disease.

This is not Willards first personal story about his cancer.

He first came out publicly with his diagnosis in 2017.

Willards personal battle with pancreatal cancer has taken a toll on his family.

He and his wife have been living in a small, two-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles, with their two daughters, Bella and Milly, as well as a dog named Bucky.

The family has struggled to stay in the city.

The Willards have two children, three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Willart was diagnosed in February 2018.

He was admitted to the hospital for treatment in June 2018.

Willards son, Josh, who is the family’s only child, has been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer in October.

Willarts son, Alex, is also in remission.

Willis is a former pitcher with the Boston Red Sox.

He pitched in the major leagues for 15 years, winning seven Gold Gloves, three Silver Sluggers, two Gold Gloves and three NL Cy Young Awards.

Willis was named to the Hall of Fame in 2012.

Willings story has been chronicled in The Truth about Cancer.

Will is one of only three players in baseball history to throw more than 500 innings in each of his first five seasons.

Will was a Cy Young candidate in 2016, when he pitched for the Cubs.

Will is the only pitcher to throw a complete game in every World Series he has ever played in.

Will had a 2.61 ERA in his first seven seasons with the Red Sox, including a 4.03 ERA in 2016.

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