Wife willing story will haunt me for a long time, husband will tell

A former Israeli soldier has told how he was forced to kill his wife and two daughters after she revealed he had sexually abused her.

Shirley Al-Naimi, 51, who was married to the IDF soldier and his wife, said that when he returned from duty in the early 2000s, he was confronted by a man who asked him to kill her.

He was also asked to take her two daughters, ages 11 and 13, with him.

He was told he could not.

He told his wife that he would be killed for the rest of his life and that she should go to the police.

“She was crying and crying, and I said: ‘I’m going to do this,'” Al-Niaimi told The Jerusalem Times.

“But I didn’t want to do it.

I was scared that the soldier would kill me.”

When she went to the army hospital to get the body of her son, she was told it was the remains of her daughter.

“I was very angry.

It was my daughter’s body,” she said.”

My son was also wounded, and it was a very big wound, a big wound.

The man came and said: You have to take him to the hospital, but he was scared.”

Al-Namri, who now lives in Germany, said he was given the body and told he would have to give it to his wife for burial.

“After that, I told him that I don’t want my children with me anymore.

And he told me: You are not going to tell my wife what I did to her.

And I said to him: Why do you have to tell me?”

Al-Niomani, who is now in his 80s, said she has tried to forget the events that took place but that she cannot stop thinking about them.

“It’s like I have a dream.

I don-t know if I will wake up tomorrow,” she told the newspaper.”

The army and the police didn’t do anything.

I thought they had been investigating me and I have no proof.

He took me to a police station. “

She was so traumatised by what she saw.”

He took me to a police station.

The commander there said he could do nothing.

They wouldn’t give me any other option.

And then I went back to my husband.

He didn’t say anything, and he went home.

I asked my husband if I could come home.

He said: I’m not going.

I didn-t think about it.

“I’m sorry, my husband, I’m sorry.

It is the only thing I can do.

I have to be strong.”

Al Niaimi said she is now planning to leave Israel, but she said she was prepared to return to Israel to face her attacker in court.

“If I had known the army would kill my husband when I returned, I wouldn’t have been in the army,” she added.

“The soldier was in a position to know the situation.”

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