Will Jim Brady’s name still be on the Super Bowl banner?

Bynum storyThe Patriots have made a play to keep Jim Brady in New England, but it remains to be seen whether the team will keep its first-round pick in this year’s draft.

New England was hoping to use the pick on a quarterback in this years draft and is now trying to secure the services of a young quarterback.

The Patriots have already signed a pair of quarterbacks this offseason.

They also have another two years left on their current contracts.

The Patriots hope to use Brady’s services on a second-round quarterback in the upcoming draft.

The team has also been linked to Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson.

If the Patriots do land Watson, they would likely pick a quarterback with their first-rounder.

But Brady’s presence on the field is likely to overshadow that decision.

The Pats will have to make a decision on who they’ll draft with their fourth pick in the draft.

New England would likely use the third pick in that scenario.

The NFL has a rule in place that allows teams to use a fifth or sixth pick in a draft, but the team would have to do so before the third round.

The NFLPA has not ruled out the possibility that Brady could be selected by the Patriots.

The organization has been pushing for Brady to return to the team for the last four years and has made several trips to the Superdome since Brady’s retirement.

The league has not said whether Brady could play in this draft.

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