Willo-The-Wisp: A Novel about a Superhero and a Movie

Willo The Wisp, a young boy who can transform into a giant white butterfly, is the only child of a small family who lives in a small village in a tropical paradise called Paradise Island.

Willo is not the only boy on Paradise Island, however.

Other children are also trying to find a way to become the superhero known as Willo the Wisp.

Willo and his friends, a band of misfit misfits who call themselves the Whips, are trying to prove their worth and make it to the big leagues in the entertainment industry.

Willos adventures with his friends in the amusement park, the circus, and even a dance studio are not without their own hazards.

Will’s father is a circus owner, but Willo’s mother is the owner of a circus in the small village.

They are also both orphaned.

Will has a crush on a circus performer named Miss May, who lives next door to them and plays a role in the story.

After graduating from high school, Will has his first job in the circus: being the wiper, or the entertainer, in the show.

Will does his best to make sure that no one else will get hurt, but he is also a little careless when it comes to the safety of the performers.

When he is hired by the circus to be the wipper, Willo has to perform in a very dangerous situation, and he doesn’t know if he will survive the ordeal.

Will is also trying his best not to lose his mind.

Will the Wist is about Willo and the Whists quest to become a super hero, and the dangers that await them.

“Willo the Willist” is the third novel in the Willo Trilogy, written by Chris Ryall.

The Willo: The Wist Trilogy was released in June 2018 by Dark Horse Comics.

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