Which one of the following vore stories is true?

TechCrunch The next story on our list of Vore Stories to Know.

The first one was actually published on September 24th, 2017.

In it, the protagonist, a man named John, has a “hot” night and decides to “vore” as much as possible.

John finds himself in a hotel room with an attractive, attractive woman named “Nancy”.

In his sleep, he hears the sound of the shower being opened and finds himself inside. 

John is a serial killer, but he’s also a vore fan. 

Nancy seems to be a virgin, but she seems to enjoy it.

The two of them share a bedroom. 

Eventually, they decide to have sex and are soon joined by two others who are also vore fans. 

At this point, John realizes that the story is really about him and that he should have a different story.

He decides to write it as a story of “vores and their experiences”.

This leads him to create a character named “Cory” that is based on Cory Hill. 

Cory is a “vornafied” man who has been turned into a “human.”

Cory is a very attractive woman who has the same name as John.

Cory’s name is also Cory, so it is very obvious that this story is going to be about vores and how they feel about their bodies. 

Cory and John are then forced to share a bed together.

The bed is a tiny space, and the woman doesn’t seem to mind. 

When Cory starts kissing Nancy, he starts getting aroused.

As the two continue kissing, Nancy asks, “What are you doing?”

Cory replies, “Naming things.” 

She asks, ‘What are we?’ 

Cory replies: “Vores.


I like vores.

Like, I love vores.” 

When John says, “I am a serial Killer, but I am also a Vore fan.”

Nancy replies,  “What do you mean?” 

John replies, ‘I love vore.’ 

Nancy continues,  ‘I have been a virgin for like seven years.

I have a vagina.

I’m a virgin now.

What do you want from me?’ 

John says  ‘A Vore Story’. 

Nancy replies  ‘Oh, I’m so happy to hear that.’ 

John then says  “Nom Nom Nom Nom.” 

Nancy then replies, `Oh my god, that’s a VORE story.’ 

 Cathy and Cory are then joined by another pair of vore lovers, “A” and “B”. 

 When the two women are joined by Cory, they begin kissing and they both become aroused.

Nancy asks  “Who are you?” 

Cory responds, “We are called vore writers.

We are vore enthusiasts.

We write stories about vore.” 

 At this point John begins to think about how he can write a story that he can share with Nancy, Cory, and A and B. John says, “I’m gonna try to write a vornafed, human story.” 

John then says, ‘Let’s start by having sex.’ 

Nancy replies, ”Yeah, I’ve been a vorrent for seven years.’ 

‘Well, we’ve been together for like four months.’ 

A responds, ‘I love you, Nancy.

You’ve been vorran for seven and a half years.

We’ve been having sex all night long.

We just got together this morning.

You don’t have to kiss me anymore.

I know you’re a virgin.’ 

Candy says, `Well, I am a virgin.

I just love you.

I really do.

I love you so much.’ 

Then Nancy says, ”Well, you’re not going to kiss the next time we’re in the same room together.’ 

So, Cory and Nancy get into bed and then Cory kisses Nancy. 

When Nancy wakes up the next morning, Cory has a nightmare. 

He is in a room where he sees Nancy and Cory having sex. 

After Nancy wakes Cory up, Cory wakes up his family. 

At first they are all confused, but then the family is all in agreement with Cory’s story. 

Then, Nancy and Cory decide to meet at the mall. 

As Cory goes through the mall, he sees a young woman, who looks very much like Nancy, and he wants to ask her out. 

The young woman tells Cory that she is in love with him and she’s not sure what he’s up to. 

She then asks Cory to come over and have sex with her. 

‘Why would you want to kiss someone that you know is a virgin?

You should never kiss a virgin,’ Crawley responds. 

Nanette and Cory decide to go shopping together. 

However, Nancy is not feeling so good. 

Instead, she starts asking

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