How to write a rogers-to-Myrtle Beach story

When you are a new writer looking to land your first major publishing deal, you can’t ignore the importance of a good story.

A great story will keep you writing and help you to develop a long-term relationship with your clients.

A good story can tell your clients that they can count on you.

In the case of Myrtle Beach, it was a good business story, but one that could be improved with a few tweaks.

The story for this article was written by Matthew E. Pappas, founder and president of A.B.P. The A.A.P., which has since merged with The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post, respectively.

It was originally published in the June 15, 2015, issue of The Wall St. Journal and was republished in its entirety on June 21, 2015.

It is reprinted with permission.

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