Is Will Will Will and the Real Estate Brokers Who Bought His Story a False Flag?

I just got back from visiting Will and his wife, who are both recovering from serious injuries.

I got a phone call from Will’s agent, who informed me that Will was going to take the weekend off.

Will told me that he wanted to take a week off to go to his grandmother’s grave. 

My wife was in shock and upset, and she asked me to come pick her up, but I said I couldn’t come.

She didn’t want me to go, so I told her I could go with her, but that I would take a few days to recover.

Will and I got to the grave the next day. 

The grave was not very big.

I walked over to the front of the grave and noticed a young woman sitting in a chair.

She was crying.

She looked like a woman in a coma.

She said she was a little afraid of being cremated and so wanted to see what had happened.

I asked her if she knew what had transpired at the cemetery and she said, “No.”

She said that the cemetery was surrounded by trees and bushes, so there was a chance that somebody might be digging. 

As I was walking away, I said, “I’m sure the authorities have this story.” 

Will went into his car and drove to a nearby parking lot, and when he got there, he drove over to a couple of graves.

He told me what he saw.

He said that there were two young men sitting in the graves, with their hands in their pockets.

One of the men had a gun in his hand.

The other man was standing next to him.

He had his hands behind his back. 

Will told me later that the young man he saw had a pistol tucked into his belt. 

I asked Will about the story he told to me, and he said that he told it because he thought he could use it as leverage. 

In January, Will was arrested for making an illegal bomb threat against a Jewish cemetery in San Francisco.

The threat was later retracted. 

There are a lot of people out there who have the ability to make bomb threats. 

This is the kind of thing that people like Will Will do.

It’s all he does, and nobody thinks about it. 

But if you go back and look at Will Will’s entire career, it’s really not a secret. 

When he was growing up, Will worked in the gas station business.

He was known as a good kid.

He liked to get into trouble, and would steal things from people. 

He went to high school and was very good in school, but he did get into a lot more trouble than he should have.

He got in trouble for being late to class.

He also went to a few trouble spots, but most of them were minor crimes. 

One night, Will went to his cousin’s house.

He didn’t know where the house was.

He walked over and saw a guy in a hoodie standing outside.

The guy said he was going into the house and he wanted Will to come and join him. 

 Will said he didn’t believe him.

But then, Will said, he got a call from his mother, who told him that her son had been shot and killed in his car in the middle of the night. 

After school, Will drove to the school bus stop, but when he arrived, he said he saw a black man walking towards him.

The black man was holding a gun and was pointing it at Will. 

“How do I get out of this?”

Will said. 

Later that day, Will and two friends went to see a movie. 

While Will was looking at the movies, he heard a car door slam behind him.

When he looked up, he saw someone with a gun.

Will jumped out of his car, grabbed his gun and ran. 

Soon after, Will got into a car with a friend and drove away from the scene. 

On January 31, 2014, Will Will was driving home from his job at a gas station in San Jose, California. 

A car was parked in front of Will’s home and a black sedan was heading towards it.

Will said he grabbed his pistol and ran, screaming for help. 

Two officers approached the car, and Will said that one of them pulled him over. 

According to the police report, Will asked for his license and registration.

He stated that he was the one who had pulled the car over, and that he had pulled it over for a gas leak. 

They asked Will for his ID and Will was allowed to show them his driver’s license. 

However, he did not provide his ID or the license.

He did not have any identification on him at the time, so they could not tell if he was armed or not. 

At that point, they asked him if he had any drugs in his vehicle.

Will stated that there was nothing in his

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