Which celebs are still living and working on a TV show?

The list of TV shows that are still in the works has grown, and some are more well known than others.

Here are the Top 10.1.

The Bachelor: Matt Baier and Chris Harrison are the two stars of the ABC series.

They have a three-year contract at the moment.2.

The Amazing Race: The series, which has been on for more than two decades, will be back in 2018 after a 10-year hiatus.

The series is currently filming the second season.3.

The Good Wife: Gillian Anderson is set to reprise her role as FBI agent Monica Geller, while returning series regulars Michelle Dockery and Patrick Dempsey will star.4.

The 100: The show has been renewed for a sixth season, and it is currently in production.5.

House of Cards: The final season of the NBC drama is set for the beginning of 2019.6.

Modern Family: The popular sitcom is currently shooting a new series, and the writers are currently discussing a potential sequel to season seven.7.

Modern Love: Another renewal is on the cards for the popular sitcom.8.

Scandal: A second season of Scandal is currently underway.9.

CSI: Miami: The police drama will be the latest season of CSI to air on CBS.10.

American Horror Story: Hotel: The original series has been revived and is currently airing on FX.

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