Will Ferrell & Co. Will Ferrel, Kevin Hart and More Come Together for ‘The Midden’

Will Ferrerell and Kevin Hart are coming together to tell a new Midden story, and they’re bringing along the stars from The Midden.

The cast of The Middlers will star in the new film.

According to Deadline, the film will be titled The Middling Midden, and will be written and directed by the late Will Ferres and Kevin Harlan, who worked together on the original Midden movie.

In the Middler story, Will Ferrer is a lonely and depressed teen who makes a pact with a ghost named Dolly, who will guide him to happiness.

The Mids are a family of four, and it’s not clear if Ferreres will play a dad, brother, or a wife.

The new film will also include a sequel to the 2015 Midden film, which was directed by Will Ferree and starring Kristen Stewart and Jake Gyllenhaal.

The plot synopsis reads, “The Middlings come together to create the Midden of their dreams, with the power to make everyone better and to save the world.

This is a magical time and the Mids have the power.

Will and Kevin will explore the Middled world with their own unique perspective.

Will will join Kevin to find out what is really real and to find answers about his mother.”

The cast will also feature Michael Peña, Will Packer, Adam Driver, John Cho, and Michael Sheen.

Check out the full cast list below.

“The Midnight Midden” will be released in theaters on May 21, 2019.

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