Will Smith, Katie D. Will and Mike Will Smith are all in their mid-50s and have been dating for almost a decade

Mike Will and Will Smith have been together since August 2016.

They’ve shared one of the funniest and most beautiful love stories in recent memory.

But, as of Tuesday, they’re no longer married.

In a joint statement, they said, “We are sad to report that we have mutually agreed to part ways.”

The statement didn’t mention anything about divorce or the children they have.

They’re the oldest and youngest members of the sitcom family, which includes Will Smith’s wife Katie D., his daughter Maddox, and daughter Bella.

Smith, 50, has also appeared in the ABC sitcom The Goldbergs and the Netflix sitcom Black Mirror.

He’s a regular on the ABC comedy The Middle and is currently on a series of projects with director Kevin Smith.

He has a new film, A Dog’s Purpose, scheduled for release this fall.

In the statement, Smith wrote that he was excited to finally have a relationship that’s not “a relationship I would be afraid to break.”

The news comes after a couple of months of speculation over whether the pair were engaged, and even though they’ve been together for almost two years, Smith said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that they’re just “finally” in a committed relationship.

“We haven’t gotten there yet,” Smith said.

“I don’t think there’s ever been any doubt in our mind that we’re together.

I’m just so happy.

It’s a very good thing.”

The couple met in a Manhattan nightclub in 2010, but they’ve only been together a year and a half.

They got married in January 2017, and they have two daughters, Maddox and Bella.

They met in 2013 and had a child together in 2016.

“It’s been so much fun,” Smith told The Associated Press.

“Katie and I have a lot of fun together and I love working with her.

We’re so good friends.

We love each other.

We’ve got a great marriage.”

Smith also shared that he and his family “are grateful for the time and energy” that have been put into their relationship.

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