How a ghost story led to a will-o’-wisp story

A woman in Florida is now trying to help others find their spirits.

Tina Smith has lived in the Tampa Bay area since 2011 and says she has a knack for telling ghost stories.

She says she once heard a voice talking to her.

“The voice told me it was a good ghost story to tell someone, that they could see the face of somebody that they know,” Smith said.

Smith is a paranormal investigator who works in Tampa and the Tampa area.

She started a Facebook page called The Will-O’-Wisp, which has more than 40,000 likes.

She also works with people in Florida to try to find their ghost.

“You’re kind of like the ghost of a dead person,” Smith told CBC News.

“When you hear something like that, you start to think, ‘Oh, no, I can’t do that.'”

Ghost stories have been around for a long time, and they can sometimes be very real, but they’re not always pleasant experiences for those who hear them.

“If you’re living in an urban area, you know, there’s a lot of ghosts that are out there,” Smith added.

She has heard many people tell ghost stories, but not many have ever been able to tell them their own personal stories.

Smith says it’s very rare to hear a person say that they are a ghost.

Smith says she was able to get a will to live from a woman named Lisa who had recently passed away.

“I have a lot in common with her,” Smith says.

Lisa was a high school teacher.

She was in a relationship with her former husband, but he left her and she moved in with her brother.

Smith said she had a hard time adjusting to life without her husband, and she was always thinking of him.

“It was hard, but I loved him so much and I was ready for him to die and I would have if I could have gone back to him,” Smith explained.

“She was a great person.

I wish I could say I loved her as much as she loved me, but no.

She loved me and I loved myself.”

Smith says Lisa’s story was one that she heard many times, but she never got to tell it herself.

She did get to tell her friends that she had met a ghost, but only one person came forward and told her her story.

“And it was very difficult to tell that to people who have heard it before,” Smith noted.

“To tell it to somebody who has heard it, to somebody that has never heard it at all, is very difficult.”

Smith was able see Lisa’s ghost for the first time in her life in 2015, when she was in her final year of college.

Smith saw a ghost in a hotel hallway, and thought it was Lisa.

Smith said she was skeptical about the ghost story, but when she asked Lisa what her story was, she said she told her it was about her.

Smith and Lisa became friends, and the two became close friends.

Smith even wrote Lisa a thank you note.

“Lisa loved me,” Smith wrote.

“I will always be her friend.

I am so grateful for that.”

Smith hopes her ghost story can help others.

She told CBC that she thinks ghost stories are very common, and people are sometimes surprised when they hear someone say they are.

Smith hopes to continue helping others who hear her story by speaking at the annual Halloween festival in Tampa, Florida, next month.

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