When will Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi finally meet the PM?

When will the PM meet PM Modi?

The first two days of the new government’s tenure, and that is a huge opportunity for the prime minister to be seen at the highest level.

The first meeting will be the culmination of more than a year of work, and Modi is well-known for being quick to get things done.

This will not be a typical visit to Washington DC, as the prime minster will be staying in India for a while to work on the agenda.

The visit will be much more about what the government is doing, and will be closely watched for Modi’s response to a range of international issues.

What will the prime ministers agenda be?

Modi is the president of the United Nations General Assembly, which will meet next month, and is expected to hold bilateral talks with world leaders and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

In this context, the government may want to highlight the importance of its India policy, which has focused on strengthening ties with India and India’s neighbourhood.

The two nations have also agreed to build an infrastructure bank for developing infrastructure in the region, which would allow for more efficient access to markets.

The prime minister will also address the UN General Assembly this month.

Is Modi going to use the meeting to discuss the Kashmir issue?

The government has said the meeting will focus on the future of Kashmir, and not on the issue of the Partition of India.

This is an important change of tone from earlier, when Modi had criticised the UN for failing to condemn the Partitions.

But this will not necessarily be the first meeting between Modi and US President Donald Trump.

In October, Modi had met with Trump at Mar-a-Lago, where they had a bilateral meeting.

The US president had been criticised for not doing enough to help Kashmiris in the aftermath of the deadly attack on a mosque in Pakistan.

He also criticised India for not moving quickly enough to repatriate the bodies of those who had been killed in the violence.

Is India expected to seek any concessions from the US?

It is not yet clear what Modi is expecting from Washington, but the Indian government is hopeful that the meeting with Trump will help it find common ground on the Kashmir situation.

The Indo-US dialogue has been under strain, especially after India’s failure to act on a UN Security Council resolution demanding a full investigation into the events of September 26, which killed more than 70 people.

India has blamed Pakistan for a security breach that resulted in the deaths of more 200 civilians in Srinagar.

In response, Pakistan has blamed India for the attack.

In a joint statement on September 28, India and Pakistan both said they will “continue to support the establishment of a unified, inclusive, impartial and credible investigation into those responsible for the September 26 violence”.

India has also said that it will not allow Pakistan to “lure” Kashmiris into joining terrorist groups, and it will “not allow” it to use violence against Kashmiris to achieve its political objectives.

The PM also wants to build bridges with India on economic, political and security issues.

It is unclear whether the two leaders will agree to work together on issues like the Kashmir Valley, but it is unlikely to be a problem, as both sides are committed to working on improving bilateral ties.

Will Modi and Trump work together?

India has a large and growing trade with the US, and has signed a number of agreements with major corporations.

The trade between the two countries has more than doubled since Modi came to power, from $1.9 billion in 2013 to $4.6 billion in 2016.

But that has not translated into any real progress on the ground, as there is still much to be done.

It would be a surprise if Modi and the US reached any breakthroughs in bilateral trade or economic ties, although Trump is said to be willing to meet Modi on a number and will soon travel to India.

Will the US remain neutral?

Trump has been a staunch critic of India’s relationship with Pakistan, calling Pakistan “one of the greatest threats to global security”.

However, he has been much more diplomatic in his criticism of the Indian-led military operation in Kashmir.

Trump has criticised India’s use of terrorism and cyber-attacks as part of its foreign policy, and said in April that India has not demonstrated it has any interest in “fighting terrorism”.

However the US has also been a close ally of India, and this could change if India makes significant changes to its foreign policies.

Trump is expected, for example, to meet with Modi at the White House in April, a visit which will likely be overshadowed by the Kashmir dispute.

Will India take on China?

There are a number possible scenarios for how India and China will interact in the coming years.

India’s trade with China has doubled since the Narendra Modi government came to office in May.

In April, the US had already approved $5 billion in US military aid for the two nations. In July

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