Will Reiser live will stories and more will be in IGN’s upcoming live stream series?

By now, you’ve probably heard about the big changes coming to IGN’s live stream content, with IGN’s Live Stream Series (or simply IGN Live) now available on Roku, Apple TV, and Xbox One.

Today, IGN’s Andrew House confirmed that IGN Live will be available on all three platforms in the coming months.

The news was first reported by GameSpot’s Andrew Reiser, who also confirmed that the stream will feature the full lineup of new live shows coming from IGN’s studios, including new episodes of The Walking Dead, the upcoming Battlegrounds, and more.

In a statement to IGN, IGN Live’s CEO Kevin Bruner added that the live stream will be a “new and different experience,” but the same as any of IGN’s other streaming series.

The streaming series will run from February 3 through February 9, with the show airing during each of those two weeks, with an average of approximately seven hours of new episodes.

IGN Live streams will feature exclusive interviews with IGN developers, game writers, and others on the show’s staff, and will be updated throughout the live streams to provide a daily recap of the most notable events.

IGN’s new streaming series, which will air from February 10 through February 13, will feature some of IGN Live Studio’s most popular series, including its biggest shows like Resident Evil 5, The Walking Death, The Division, The Unfinished Swan, and The Walking City.

IGN is also looking to expand its live streaming lineup, which currently features The Walking and Battleground live streams, but will expand that list to include a mix of new and returning shows from IGN studios, as well as new content from other studios.

IGN will be holding a series premiere event for the show at the same time as its own new live stream on February 6, and the company is also planning to host its own live stream of The Unwritten, the new documentary film by director Robert Rodriguez.

IGN has confirmed that more information on the live streaming series and the live content on the streaming platform will be coming soon.

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