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Writer: Will BARKBOX, Editor: Will Barkbox, Contributing Writer: Chris J. Odom, Contributor: Emily Gagnon, Contributors: Stephanie Barkbox and Sarah Smith, Writer: Lisa E. Tewksbury, Writer/Editor: Sarah Smith (wbs) Source ABC News title ‘A Willful Sacrifice’: How Sarah Smith saved a life article Sarah Smith was at her home in Northfield, Minnesota, on May 19, 2019, when she got a call from a man who had just shot her in the face.

The caller said he had been trying to buy the house and needed to go into the bedroom to make it.

“I had my camera on me, so I was able to take pictures,” Smith says.

“He was like, ‘I need to come out of the house right now.'”

The caller called 911 and police arrived at the home.

Smith was able tell officers what was happening, and she told them where she was at.

“My husband was in the bedroom and he said, ‘What are you doing in the house?'”

Smith says she told police that she had been in the bathroom with her daughter and the man who shot her was in a bedroom with her.

“We all looked at each other, and we were just like, Is this real?

Is this a dream?

Is it a nightmare?

It’s kind of hard to tell, but we were all in shock.”

The caller told police he had gotten into an argument with his wife and was going to come back home.

The call ended with the caller saying he would shoot his wife.

Smith said she did not have the courage to go to the police.

“The first thing I said to them was, ‘If he comes back in here and shoots me, I will not make a mistake,'” she says.

The next day, Smith called the police again and said she would go into her house.

The dispatcher told her that if she was in that room, she was not in danger.

Smith says the dispatcher told them she was trying to make the call when the gun went off.

Smith then said she went into her room, opened the door and she saw blood on the floor.

Smith, who was in her bedroom with the door open, said she told the caller to stop, then ran into the bathroom and saw a man, who had a black eye and was bleeding profusely, on the bathroom floor.

“It was a very scary situation,” Smith said.

Smith told police she went back into her bedroom, grabbed her daughter, grabbed a towel, wrapped the towel around her, put it around her face, and covered her face with the towel.

She then went into the kitchen to call 911.

She said she tried to call the 911 dispatch, but it was locked, so she called back and the dispatcher didn’t answer.

Smith’s daughter was in another room with the doors open, but she could hear her father on the other line saying that she needed to call her dad to make sure he was OK.

Smith didn’t call the police until three days later, and then police showed up.

“She said, I had to get out of there, because I’m going to get shot,” Smith recalled.

Smith called 911 again the next day to tell the dispatcher that she was going back into the house.

She told the dispatcher she did have a gun in her room and she needed the police to come in and get her out of that room.

Smith took the gun from her husband and put it in her pocket.

She went back to the house the next morning and called police again.

Smith walked into the home and asked her husband to get her off the phone, but he refused.

She called 911 a second time and the call ended.

Smith ran back into town and called the 911 dispatcher.

She waited until she was outside the house, then she said, “This is crazy.

He’s telling me to kill myself.

This is so crazy.

I’m so scared.

I can’t believe it.”

The dispatcher called the sheriff’s office and told Smith she was under arrest.

Smith went to the sheriff and asked him to arrest her.

The sheriff said he couldn’t do anything, but Smith told him she was still in jail.

The case was forwarded to the state attorney’s office, and the attorney’s staff interviewed Smith.

The attorney said he wouldn’t pursue the case because of the high risk involved.

Smith decided to hire an attorney.

“They came to me and said, We don’t want to prosecute you because we don’t know if the gun was fired by the husband or the wife, but if the husband did it, we are going to pursue you,” Smith told ABC News.

Smith is now working as a licensed psychologist and the mental health treatment has helped her to cope with her ordeal.

“A Willfulness Sacrifice” “I knew the situation was a tragedy,

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