How to keep your house quiet: How to silence your house

A man who owns a house in a rural part of India has created an app called Silent House that is supposed to make the house quieter and more inviting to the neighbours.

The app, which was launched on Thursday, will allow the owner to set the tone and set the mood of his or her house, by allowing people to send pictures and videos to the app to be displayed at the house.

The pictures will be sent as a text message.

In the video, the owner shows how he has set the house up to be a place where people can come to stay.

He says he has also set it up so people can leave the house when they are not staying in it.

“The idea behind this app is to give a more relaxed atmosphere to the place.

It gives the impression of home.

This is a place for family members, friends, neighbours to come and visit.

If the owner is not present, then the place will feel like a quiet place, which is what we want,” said Manoj, a resident of Thaparajaram in Patan district of Bihar.

He said that people are used to living in a place which is more like a place of solitude, where they can do whatever they want and not be bothered by neighbours.

“I am not worried about any noise.

It will not affect the noise of the neighbours,” he added.

The resident said he was able to set up the app by using an app that lets people send a message to the home phone, as well as to a social media account.

“It is a way of setting a tone and setting the mood.

I am happy about this app, as it has a calming effect on the house,” he said.

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