When Willa Fitzgerald Will Write a Short Story?

A story will be short when you can tell when you have to cut it short and the only thing you have left to say will be the story will just be that. 

When Willa has her first story, she’s just not sure what she wants to write.

She has a love of writing, but she’s not sure she has the patience for the writing process. 

“I think it’s kind of an awkward feeling,” she said.

“I want to be able to talk about what I’m feeling, but I also want to write about things that are really powerful, and there’s just so much beauty and emotion that goes into stories that you can’t write without that.” 

She’s been writing for a few years now, and she’s already had some success. 

She said that she is getting feedback from readers on how to write her story.

“People are like, ‘I can tell you were thinking of a specific moment and I would like to get into that moment because I love that moment, and I want to have that moment in my story,'” she said, laughing. 

And, she added, she has gotten a lot of praise. 

“[The feedback] has been very flattering, and it’s made me feel like I’ve accomplished something,” she laughed. 

Willa is not just telling her story to her friends and family, but to strangers as well.

She’s also written for a couple of her favorite writers, including Sarah Parnes and Laura M. Johnson, and is also writing a story for an upcoming book called  “My Life in Stories.” 

Willam has always been passionate about writing, and said that her stories always end up being one of the most rewarding things that she’s done in her life.

She also said that it’s one of her biggest strengths is her willingness to try new things. 

The story will eventually be published in a book, and will be titled, “The Story of a Short Stories Journey.” 

“It’s a short story that’s very ambitious, but very sweet,” Willam said. 

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