Iowa Republican calls for ‘right-to-work’ laws

Iowa Republican Sen. John Thune has called for right-to, “right-on” laws in Iowa.

Thune, who is chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, said Thursday that he wants “to make sure that we have the right policies to make sure we’re not going to lose any jobs here in Iowa, or in Wisconsin or elsewhere.”

In an interview on the Senate floor Thursday, Thune said he doesn’t want to see the state become a model for right to work laws, arguing that Wisconsin’s law doesn’t include any right-on provisions.

“I don’t want Iowa to become the poster child for right on,” Thune told the Iowa Press Association.

“I think right- to work, right- on is just a bad idea.”

Thune was referring to the Wisconsin law that includes a right-off clause that allows employers to avoid paying workers more than the minimum wage if they are union members.

“That’s a bad law.

I’m not going back there.

I don’t think right on is a good idea.

I think right to workers is a bad, bad idea,” Thumesaid.

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