When You’re Too Fat to Write: Writing for Fat People

When you’re fat, writing about fat people can be hard.

But if you’re writing about people of color, it’s even harder.

It’s a common theme, but one that can make your work seem more tokenistic and not-really-diverse.

“The stories you tell in terms of race, class, and gender can feel as if they’re coming from a privileged position.

You have to be willing to be vulnerable to the world around you,” says the founder of Fat People Writing, Willa Heather.

“And when you do, the stories can feel even more personal and important.”

I know it’s hard, but I still want to write about my people.

I think I want to be an author, but also an activist.

It means I’m willing to tell my story even if it’s uncomfortable.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a writer, but there were very few opportunities for me.

I got my start as a child actor, but it was very, very lonely.

So I started to write stories for kids.

I wrote a story for a girl, and I was like, “Why am I going to tell a story about a girl?

I don’t want to make a girl cry.”

The first book I ever wrote was a little novel about a man with a disability.

It was a story of a man who was in a wheelchair and a wheelchair-bound woman who was a disabled woman.

And that book made me feel that there was a person out there who had the ability to write.

In terms of writing, there are a lot of people who have been hurt by this.

There’s the old adage, “No one is going to be able to read you, but they will see you, and you will be able.”

That’s a great thing, because it means you’re not just making a story.

You’re creating a community.

You are a part of the fabric of society.

I want the same thing to happen to other marginalized people.

It can feel very isolating to be in the shadow of a white author.

You can’t be a member of a marginalized group, even if you love to read.

I want to help change the way people see themselves.

When you read a story, you can be a part in that community.

And it can help change people’s perceptions of themselves.

I also think it’s important to try to create something that’s not a representation of how you’re seen.

A lot of times, when people think of being fat, they think of how thin you are.

You’re not the only one who’s fat.

It happens to every person.

Being fat isn’t the end all and be all of the world.

I hope I can continue to do this.

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