When Will Smith and Will Smiths’ feud finally ends?

Will Smith has been fired from his job as the host of “The View,” the news program he co-hosts with his wife, Jessica Schneider, as well as from his current job as an anchor for MSNBC, according to his former employer, CBS.

Smith has been accused of sexual harassment and assault in the past, but CBS says he was never fired for violating any workplace policies.

He will be replaced by Scott Pelley, a former ABC News and NBC News anchorman, who will report to Smith.

Smith has apologized and said he is moving on with his life, while Schneider has said she will not be staying with him and that he is being “taken advantage of” by his former employers.

“He was taken advantage of by his bosses, his employers, and I will not stand by and let this happen,” Schneider said.

Schneider and Smith are best known for their popular talk show, “The Big Bang Theory.”

The show has become a source of ridicule for Smith and Schneider, who have come under fire for their behavior.

According to The New York Times, Smith and Smiths former manager, Amy Poehler, have been the target of an ongoing sexual harassment investigation by the New York State Attorney General, a move that has angered both Smith and his former boss.

The allegations against Schneider were first reported by The New Yorker, which published an exposé of Smith’s behavior in January.

Poehler was also fired from “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” after the Times story was published.

A CBS spokesperson said: “The decision to terminate Mr. Smith was made based on a variety of factors, including an allegation of sexual misconduct involving another employee.

CBS has a zero-tolerance policy on sexual harassment, and any employee found to have engaged in such conduct will be disciplined.”CBS has zero tolerance for sexual harassment in any workplace.”

Smith is not the first “Big Bang” host to be fired by CBS.

Former host and “The Amazing Race” alum Scott Pelleys firing last month was one of several recent examples of harassment complaints against the show, which has been hit by sexual misconduct allegations and an online campaign by Smith to get fired.

In March, former “Big Brother” houseguest Kimmi Kappenberg resigned after multiple allegations of sexual assault, including the accusation that she had a sexual relationship with Smith.

On Tuesday, Smith released a statement to the press saying: “I am taking this situation very seriously.

I have accepted responsibility for my actions, and my behavior in this case is not reflective of who I am as a person or who I want to be.

“The actions of others will not stop me from serving my audience and growing my brand.

I will continue to be a producer and host of ‘The Big Picture’ for the remainder of my life.”

Schneiders attorney, Kevin Murphy, said in a statement that he plans to file an action against Smith in a court in New York City.

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