Lawyers are calling for more details on why two men in Florida were arrested on gun charges

Posted March 04, 2019 09:25:12In a story posted on the FourFourtwo website, a reporter for the ABC News network, Jennifer Haney, wrote that the two men, identified as William and Michael, had been charged with illegal possession of a firearm.

They were arrested at a gas station on March 6 and charged with possession of an unregistered firearm.

The ABC news article does not specify which station the story was from.

Haney said the two had been detained by local authorities after a friend told them about a gun they were holding.

The friend was carrying a .22 caliber pistol that they said belonged to them, and he had told them that it belonged to their uncle, according to Haney.

She also said that the pair was carrying their uncle’s hunting rifle and had been searching for it in the back of their truck when they were detained.

Hanyne said the investigation into the case was ongoing.

“I don’t know why they were arrested,” Haney said.

“They were released at the end of the day, but they still had a search warrant issued.”

She said she had not been able to speak with the men directly.

“This is not a story about me.

This is about people,” she said.

In a statement to FourFourSeconds, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement said it was investigating.

“It is our position that the arrests were made in the best interests of the citizens of Florida, and the public safety of all Floridians is our highest priority,” the department said.

A spokesman for the state attorney general’s office said it had not yet been made aware of the story.

“The department is in the process of conducting an investigation into this matter, and will not be commenting further until the investigation is complete,” said Mark Crespo.

He said the department would not comment on individual cases, but said there was “no question” that the men were arrested.

“We will continue to investigate these charges, and any further information will be made public when appropriate,” he said.

Haney has also spoken out on behalf of two other women who were arrested and charged in 2016.

In August, two women who worked as hotel security guards were arrested after they were accused of stealing guns from a hotel in Colorado.

The women are suing the hotel, claiming they were fired from their jobs for taking part in a conspiracy to steal firearms from the hotel.

The lawsuit has not been filed.

The case against the two women has not yet gone to trial, but Haney told ABC News in August that her reporting would be the first to tell the full story.

“The story is about a bunch of men who, like so many others, were falsely accused of criminal conduct by the authorities,” she told FourFourFirst.

“These men, like me, were innocent.”

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