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Will James story will make squirm!I mean, I really want to see this, and I know I’m going to enjoy it, and it will be awesome.But I don’t want to hear about it being ‘willing’ to get off the couch and just be a creep.That’s a terrible idea.And the thing is, you have to have […]

Which celebs are still living and working on a TV show?

The list of TV shows that are still in the works has grown, and some are more well known than others.Here are the Top 10.1.The Bachelor: Matt Baier and Chris Harrison are the two stars of the ABC series.They have a three-year contract at the moment.2.The Amazing Race: The series, which has been on for […]

How to spot the victim of a sexual assault: Don’t let the word “victim” distract you

It’s one of the most common and often overlooked rules of dating and sexual assault prevention, and it comes down to one simple thing: If you’re not sure if someone is a victim or perpetrator, don’t use the word.The reason: When it comes to rape, people are more likely to identify with the victim when […]

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